Chase Bank FHA 203k Streamline Loan Program

The FHA 203k streamline mortgage loan program is more popular than ever because more homes are now being sold that are in need of repair than ever before. There are plenty of lenders who do the FHA 203k streamline and regular FHA 203k loans, but one of the bigger banks doing these loans is Chase Bank.

Chase Bank FHA 203k Streamline Loan

Chase Bank is one of the bigger lenders who can help you with the FHA 203k streamline loan when buying a home that is in need of a few repairs. Chase is big, nationwide and has branches all over the country. Chances are good that you have at least heard of Chase Bank and you might have even recently seen something regarding the FHA 203k streamline loan program at Chase from one of their marketing pieces.

But Chase Bank isn’t the only FHA 203k streamline lender – in fact, there are plenty of lenders to choose from both big and small.

Getting The Best Deal on a FHA 203k Streamline Loan

The secret to getting the best deal on the FHA 203k streamline loan is to make sure that you shop multiple lenders. Every mortgage lender is slightly different when it comes to FHA 203k rates and fees and will be able to produce your loan faster or slower based on their operational efficiencies.

Just because you may have heard about the FHA 203k streamline loan program from someone at Chase Bank doesn’t mean that you are required to use Chase Bank to get your loan done, it just means that their marketing team is doing a nice job. Getting multiple quotes on your FHA 203k streamline loan is easy, you can get started below. It takes only a few minutes and you can easily save thousands on your loan program by shopping around multiple lenders.